Monday, April 10, 2017

History Day Reflection

         For History Day I was in a group of five girls and we did a performance on Irena Sendler. Irena Sendler was a Polish woman and she and a group of 25 of her friends saved children out of the Warsaw ghettos. The judges gave us good tips to improve our performance and I agree with them. The judges said we started speeding up at 8:28 and that seems accurate. We got all superior and excellent ratings for the different categories which I think is accurate. The most interesting thing I learned about Irena Sendler was how many lives she changed. When we first learned about her in seventh grade I just though she saved the lives of a few children with her friends, but no she saved 25,000 children. It was really interesting to learn about the process of talking to the families, sneaking the children out, teaching them to be Catholic, and taking them back to their families.
          One of the hardest things during this project was condensing all of our research into a ten-minute play but still reach all the requirements. When we first practiced performing the play it was at sixteen minutes because of all the information we had. We ended up cutting out a lot and we had to make sure we had more informative scenes than dramatic scenes. This project helped me improve as a learner in many ways. I learned a lot about Irena Sendler and World War II, but also things that'll help me in future projects.
        This project was a reminder on how to work with a group of people. We had to do a lot of compromising and we had to work out times to practice that worked for everyone. To improve this project I think we should add more about how Irena was captured and how the Nazis figured out what she was doing. The judges said we should add more about how our topic relates to the theme and I think that would be a really good improvement.  I'm just really proud of our end product in general. I was worried about creating a set, script, costume, and still make it informative, but I think we did a great job of that. Not only was our performance informative we also made it emotion which I'm really proud of. I normally don't make it this far in any type of competitions and I for sure wouldn't of been able to do it with any other group. This whole experience has been great and I'm so excited for state.

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