Friday, May 19, 2017

The Big Reflection

  Images of Greatness Project       
        For Images of Greatness I chose Malala Yousafzai. I picked Malala because she portrays what I believe to be great. At a young age Malala started making a difference and it's hard to believe that someone close to my age has impacted the world so much. I admire that she stood up against the Taliban and it was a big deal because she knew she could die because of her work. Everyone knows that Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head. What I remember is how she fought for an education before she got shot, and the way she recovered and continued to fight that makes a difference.
         I'm proud of the fact that I was able to get up in front of all the people and say my bio riddle without forgetting it. I was really worried about presenting my bio riddle without messing up and I'm so relieved that it went well The most challenging thing for me during this project was the bio riddle. First of all I'm not the best at rhyming and I knew mine had to rhyme because I'm not very good at memorizing as well. It took me quite some time to rhyme my words and most of the words were simple like fight and right but I finished it. The hardest part was actually saying my bio riddle in front of everyone. I was so nervous before I got on stage, but now that it's over it wasn't bad at all. It was just hard before I presented.
        I grew as a student because I've learned about how many children around the world don't have an education and it pushes me to not complain about coming to school. I've grown as a person because it's easy to worry about the little things in my life when there's worse things happening around the world. Learning about Malala's story inspired me to donate to the Malala Fund. I even got $37 from my donation box that I had at my exhibit.
         If I had to improve something about my project it would be how I prepared for it. I made it stressful on myself by waiting the last minute for my deadlines. I would try to get things done earlier than the deadline so it wouldn't be as stressful. The best part of Images of Greatness was seeing everyone's work at the end. It was fun to hear everyone's bio riddles and see their boards.  I enjoyed looking at the different costumes people came up with as well. It was just fun to see everyone's end products.
Images of Greatness Field Trip
         My favorite educational part of the field trip was the World Food Prize. I learned a lot about the Food Prize and Norman Borlaug. It was cool to learn about a man who was from Iowa. Before this trip I didn't even know the Food Prize existed let alone Norman Borlaug. It was also interesting to learn about all the other people who won the award.
         The part that I learned the most in was at the IMAX. I learned so much about engineering and I realized that maybe engineering isn't that bad. I've kind of just told myself that engineering is terrible and boring, but watching the documentary made it sound so interesting. I for sure learned a lot about what engineering actually is.
         The part of the trip that surprised me was the fact that the art museum was fun. I didn't expect for the art museum to be fun at all because it never interested me, but I enjoyed it a lot. It was also interesting how we interpreted the pictures differently and it was a good experience.
         At the art museum we had to find art work for four different categories and one of the categories was "why is this artwork artwork." I wrote down this video called Me and My Mother. It was a ten minute video of a mother spitting on her son who was a grown man. I found it funny, but I didn't understand why it was artwork. After I read the description it made more sense. The description was that we were laughing at something that was actually a sad thing. How I understood it was that we sometimes don't perceive things the way they're meant to so you can't just judge it. I don't know if that was what the artist meant for it to mean but that's how I look at it. The artwork didn't have any meaning until I read the description.
         We got to go to an escape chamber and our group made it out. I think the main reason we made it out was the fact that we worked together really well and had multiple people working on different things. One of the things in our room didn't work, but we continued work out in and we made it out. It was a really fun experience. I can't pick one thing for the best part of the field trip because it was all just so much fun. I enjoyed the art museum because it was a new experience and I also liked the IMAX because I did not expect to like something about engineering. The smoothie at Zombie Burger was soooo good and the escape chamber was a lot of fun. The whole trip was a blast and I'll never forget it.
GOAL Overview
         The best part of GOAL is the little family that we've become. We've gotten to know each other a lot over these four years and we have pretty great bond. There's so many memories of all the fun times we've had together and it's something I'll never forget. It's great that we've become so close and that's for sure the best part.
          If I had to give one piece of advice for students to succeed in GOAL it would be to get your work done. There's so many deadlines and f you get your work done as early as possible things would be so much less stressful. The best way to do this is to get rid of all your distractions like your phone. To make things easier just get your work done on time.
         I would warn the future Goal kids to be prepared to work hard. The projects we do in this class can be hard, but they truly do help you as a student and as a person. That doesn't mean you should be worried about the assignments they're still really fun. Just be ready to work when it's time to work and have fun when i's time to have fun.
         I'm going to iss everything about GOAL from the rants to the inside jokes we have so much fun together. I'm going to miss being able to talk about anything in our little class not having to worry about what anyone will think. I'm going to miss the deep thinking Fridays and the super fun field trips. Most of all I'm going to miss our little family. Thank you all for a great 4 years and hope that we stick together for the next 4 years. <3

Monday, April 10, 2017

History Day Reflection

         For History Day I was in a group of five girls and we did a performance on Irena Sendler. Irena Sendler was a Polish woman and she and a group of 25 of her friends saved children out of the Warsaw ghettos. The judges gave us good tips to improve our performance and I agree with them. The judges said we started speeding up at 8:28 and that seems accurate. We got all superior and excellent ratings for the different categories which I think is accurate. The most interesting thing I learned about Irena Sendler was how many lives she changed. When we first learned about her in seventh grade I just though she saved the lives of a few children with her friends, but no she saved 25,000 children. It was really interesting to learn about the process of talking to the families, sneaking the children out, teaching them to be Catholic, and taking them back to their families.
          One of the hardest things during this project was condensing all of our research into a ten-minute play but still reach all the requirements. When we first practiced performing the play it was at sixteen minutes because of all the information we had. We ended up cutting out a lot and we had to make sure we had more informative scenes than dramatic scenes. This project helped me improve as a learner in many ways. I learned a lot about Irena Sendler and World War II, but also things that'll help me in future projects.
        This project was a reminder on how to work with a group of people. We had to do a lot of compromising and we had to work out times to practice that worked for everyone. To improve this project I think we should add more about how Irena was captured and how the Nazis figured out what she was doing. The judges said we should add more about how our topic relates to the theme and I think that would be a really good improvement.  I'm just really proud of our end product in general. I was worried about creating a set, script, costume, and still make it informative, but I think we did a great job of that. Not only was our performance informative we also made it emotion which I'm really proud of. I normally don't make it this far in any type of competitions and I for sure wouldn't of been able to do it with any other group. This whole experience has been great and I'm so excited for state.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Independent Project Reflection

     In Goal we did independent projects. It's when you pick any topic to research in depth and make a project to present in class. My project this year was on dreams. I talked about the history of dreams, what they are, what they mean, and the types of dreams. I did a Prezi this year. My favorite part of my project was the section on interpreting dreams. It's my favorite part because dreams are always so weird and it's interesting to see what they might mean.
     I improved as a learner because I found a lot of information that was cool but not true and I learned to find what was true and what wasn't. When I did research there were a lot of articles on dreams people had and how they were telling the future and how different dreams meant different things. It all sounded really interesting but probably weren't facts. After seeing many articles I could tell which ones were facts and which weren't. This skill will be useful for future research.
     If I could do the whole thing over again I would get a lot more facts and practice a lot before presenting. I say practice before presenting every year but it's usually because I get nervous, but this time I actually messed up a lot. I felt that my project didn't have quality facts. I could've added a lot more information. There was a lot to talk about I just didn't talk about it. I could've used examples for  the different types of dreams and made it interesting. I should also make sure all the slides are there before I present. This was my last Independent Project (I think) and it went well.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Shakespeare Unit Reflection

     In goal we had a unit on Shakespeare. These are my thoughts and feelings about this unit. At first I was really confused about the play. The part in the beginning of the play with the drunk guy and Kate and Petruchio's relationship really confused me. Once we started reading the play in class it started making sense. I liked Petruchio when we read the play because he seemed like a hero the way he changed Kate. When we watched the movie I didn't like him at all. He was so rude to Kate and he seemed really controlling. I came into this uniting thinking that it would be okay, but I actually enjoyed it a lot. Reading and acting the play was really fun and the play was really funny.
      In the The Taming of the Shrew I believe that Kate wasn't tamed. I think that she got annoyed by people calling her a shrew so she put on a act. My theory is that she changed enough for everyone to think that she was tamed, but she still had the shrew in her. I think that she changed a little bit, but her speech at the end was still an act to show people that she was a good wife.
     The insults and deaths were really fun to read. It was exciting to hear all the insults people came up with. It also helped me understand some words and phrases used back then. It was helpful to practice saying the different words. They made me feel a bit more confident  when we actually started reading the play. The insults and death lines were a good way to start off the unit.
      I think it's important to learn about Shakespeare 400 years after his death because his plays are like the base of most of the movies and books being written today. I'm sure everyone has heard of Shakespeare, but not everyone knows who he really was an what he really did. Personally, I only knew a few of the plays he wrote so I think it's important to learn about him. A lot of the things we say today were also invented by him. Learning about Shakespeare is important because of the impact he has on many things we say today.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

2016-2017 1st Blog post

    For my first blog post I'm going to share with you my goals for this year. My academic goal for this year is to be on the A honor roll which is a 4.0 GPA. This is really important to me because grades have always been something that Iv'e worked really hard for. Sometimes I don't give my best thinking that it won't matter but it does and it could affect my grades. So, this year my goal is to give my best all the time and get on the A honor roll all 4 quarters.
     Along with my academic goal I have a behavior goal. I usually don't get into to trouble in school so this isn't a big problem for me. But there is something I'd like to improve. I want to be more helpful and make sure my actions never hurt others. So, my goal for this year is to be helpful and kind all the time.
    My improvement goal for this year is to be on time. I'm so good at taking forever to get ready in the mornings which makes me late to basically everything. Being on time to things is important so this year I'm going to try my best to be on time to everything.
     These are a few of my goals for this year and hopefully I can progress in all these areas.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Breakout Boxes Reflection

     A breakout box is a box with locks on it. Each lock has a set of clues that lead to it. It's up to the students to solve and unlock each clue. The clues can be about anything and that's why it's very educational. While doing a breakout box it's very important to work with each other. You have to be able to listen to other people's ideas and tell everyone your own ideas as well. You also mustn't give up after a few tries, the answer doesn't always come the first try. Breakout boxes require a lot of teamwork and patience.
      To design your own breakout box I think that it's important to think as if you don't know the clues. You have to be able to make the clues easy enough to solve but not too easy. It's always important to think like your the one trying to break into the box.
      When the other group tried to solve our box the one thing that went really well was the fact that they solved the clues that we thought would be hard first. We thought that the clue leading to the key lock would be easy but it wasn't. The clues lead to a book in which the keys were hidden. I think that it was hard for them because they might've expected it to be more difficult and not as easy as it just being in the book. Or they might've of just overlooked that option. Overall, breakout boxes were a really fun and exciting unit.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mark Twain Unit Reflection

     We had a Mark Twain unit in our goal class and it's where we learn about Mark Twain's life and his influence on future American Authors. At the end of the field trip we went to Hannibal, Missouri to wrap up the unit. To start of the unit we did group projects on Mark Twain. Once we did that
Mrs. Edlin read us chapters from the book. Using the knowledge we had about Mark Twain we had to break into a box with 5 locks. Most of the clues were given to us but some of them were hidden. To wrap up the whole unit we went on a field trip to Mark Twain's childhood home in Hannibal, Missouri.
      The most educational part of the field trip for me was the cave. I say that the tour around the cave was the most educational because the stories and facts about Tom were told to us in a fun way. We got to experience what it might've been like to be lost in the cave without any light and the tour was funny but still educational.
     The whole field trip was really fun. The bus ride, eating crickets, climbing 244 steps to a light house, eating ice cream, and walking through the caves are just a few of the fun things we got to do. If I have to pick a favorite it would be the caves. Like I said before the tour through the caves was really fun because of the cheesy jokes and just the fact that I was in the exact same cave that Tom Sawyer was in.
     Honestly I think that the field trip went really well so there isn't one thing that I would change because I had a really good time.
     The Mark Twain research helped me prepare for the Mark Twain field trip because I recognized things and places when we saw them. When we saw the fence Tom had to white wash I knew the story behind it. I could relate the things I saw to what I read in his books and what I had researched about.
     Overall the Mark Twain unit was really educational and fun.